I’ve got a ticket to Ryde – eventually

I discovered a ticket purchasing problem when I tried to buy an advance single from Waterloo to Ryde Esplanade and the same type of ticket for my return journey.

National Rail Enquiries offered a £20.80 fare each way. However, when I tried to buy the tickets I was directed South West Trains website and this did not acknowledge that these tickets at the quoted fares were available.

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An Unexpected Journey? Class 700s at Bat & Ball

There is currently a problem with the new Class 700 Thameslink trains at Bat & Ball station. Twice in a week train doors that have operated correctly at Sevenoaks have failed to open at Bat & Ball’s platform one.

The driver told passengers that there problems with Class 700 trains at Bat & Ball station whereby the trains did not identify where they were therefore the doors would not open. This would indicate that there is a problem with the onboard computer receiving GPS transmissions.

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Keith’s Travel Diary June 2017

A total of 105 minutes lateness – Southeastern 20, Thameslink 85 – a better month for Southeastern, but worse for Thameslink.

Delay Repay Claims: total 1 January 2017 to 30 June 17 inclusive = £62.30

Keith is a SRTA member and a regular commuter from Bat & Ball to London via Sevenoaks. Each month he gives his personal experiences and views. Continue reading

Morewood Arch: did you use it in the past?

Since 2014 we have been supporting a group of local residents who have been lobbying Network Rail for the re-opening of the pedestrian route through “Morewood Arch” from Bosville Drive to Morewood Close. This gave a good walking route to the railway station – and now would also give a walking route to the new(-ish) Lidl store.

Without any local consultation Network Rail decided to fence off the Arch, and later leased the land to a scaffolding firm for storage. Continue reading