Southeastern to re-introduce “Tavern Cars”

Southeastern plan to re-introduce “Tavern Cars” on their services, if they win the new South East Franchise from April 2019.

First introduced by the nationalised British Railways on services from Waterloo in 1949, the Tavern Cars aimed to create a country pub atmosphere for homeward-bound passengers.

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Thameslink seats will get more comfortable? We have no evidence for that, Minister

Many of our supporters have been complaining about the “concrete” seats in the new Thameslink trains.

In the House of Commons the Rail Minister claimed “seats normally become more comfortable over time through use”.

We used the Freedom of Information Act to seek the DfT’s research or factual evidence used to make this assertion. It turns out the DfT do not actually hold any such evidence at all!

Indeed it turns out that there’s no evidence for the statement in the wider rail industry either – and the Rail Safety and Standards Board has actually called for research into the subject.

Senior Railcard Moments – February 2018

Our Bat & Ball correspondent, Keith Alderman, has now retired. However he’s now making good use of his Senior Railcard!

This month’s delays (from five days travel): total 64 minutes, Southeastern 38, Thameslink 26. Delay Repay Claims: total 1 January 2018 to 28 February 2018 inclusive = £12.60
(Southeastern £12.60, Thameslink £0)

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Delay Repay: If Southeastern claim they have a bullet train, challenge them!

I was very surprised to receive an e-mail from Southeastern Customer Services advising me that my claim for a journey on 22 February was declined. The reason given was as follows:

“Our records indicate the journey was delayed by less than 30 minutes, which is below the minimum threshold for triggering compensation”

I replied stating the actual arrival and departure times and asked for an explanation as to why my claim was declined.

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New Sevenoaks Commuter minibus starts Monday 12 March

Arriva are starting a new commuter minibus service for Dunton Green, Chipstead, Bessels Green and Riverhead on Monday 12 March. This is a welcome reinstatement of the parts of the 452 service axed last year and largely recreates the earlier, popular, S2 service.

The “1” minibus will run in the morning commuter period from Ryewood at 0628, 0648, 0708 and 0741 via Tesco, Witches Lane, Bessels Green, Chipstead Square, Chipstead Lane, Bullfinch Lane, Riverhead shops and on to Sevenoaks Railway Station and Bus Station.

There’s a late afternoon/evening service leaving the Railway Station at 1609, 1634,  1705, 1725, 1745, 1805. 1825, 1845, 1905, 1925 and 1945. (These leave from the Bus Station 4-5 minutes before that). The minibus runs via Riverhead, Bullfinch Lane, Bessels Green, Chipstead Square, Chipstead Lane, Tesco and finally Ryewood.

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