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Inactive Local Rail Groups

  • Orpington District Travellers Association (no web link available and details no longer at Orpington Station)
  • Malling District Rail Travellers Association (MDTRA) (appears inactive since 2012 – chairman gave up commuting – and former website http://www.mallingrailtravellers.com/ appears down)
  • Maidstone Area Rail Users Group (MARUG) (nothing on Twitter since December 2010)

If any of these groups becomes active please contact the Secretary of SRTA!

Other local groups:


Other Local Groups — 4 Comments

  1. I have often read about the good work that the SRTA does for commuters in the Sevenoaks area. I wonder if you could extend to those of us who travel on the Ashford International line from Borough Green and West Malling through Otford. We seem to have no representation anywhere (the Malling Commuters Group appears to be no more) and yet we are subjected to the same lack of service and high fares from South Eastern. I despair of the service at present – this past week we have had no service at all, and during the 3 years I have been living in the area I have lost at least a week not being able to get to work by the withdrawal of services. By comparison, I lived in Croydon for 17 years and lost one day due to heavy snow. If it is not possible for the SRTA to help those of us living in this area, would you be able to point me in the direction of anyone who could help?

  2. Seconded. I’ve recently moved to Borough Green and found the service patchy, especially return from London later in the evening.

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