Abolishing Day Travel Cards would be bad for everyone

Abolishing Day Travel Cards would be bad for Rail users, bad for London, and a kick in the teeth for train operators working to rebuild services 

Sevenoaks rail users are up in arms at a suggestion from Transport for London to abolish day travel cards, which many of us use to get to – and around – London

TfL is being forced by the government to look at ways of raising more money, to recoup some of the cash given to keep London moving during Covid. But this is a very bad way of doing it. It would hit Sevenoaks hard, as so many people use travel cards to give them the freedom to get around the capital for a day

It’s a simple and well used fare option extensively used by older people travelling off peak for shopping, social and  entertainment trips. Travelcards are convenient, safe, easy to use, hard to get wrong and especially good value for those with a concession.  If TfL make things more difficult or complicated people just won’t use the trains.

There’s a strong probability that it will reduce income for TfL from some rail users, especially those on concessionary fares . Many people going off peak to an event in London buy a Travelcard in case they need to go on to other underground stations.  If TfL bin the Travelcard they will rely on a senior bus pass – and so pay nothing towards their travel within London..

One Day Travelcard (off peak) from Sevenoaks costs £19.80 and gives unlimited travel in Zones 1 – 6 on trains, Underground, Overground, DLR, trams and buses. Easy to understand and use, the total cost is known in advance and  you can pay cash.

The alternatives are a lot more expensive.   The total cost of an off-peak return journey to a single Zone 3 destination (e.g. the O2 or City Airport) would be  £21.20 or  £21.90 if returning in the TfL evening peak. Multiple  journeys in Zones 1 – 3 would cost £24.80.  To get the full equivalent of the off-peak One Day Travelcard (multiple journeys) in Zones 1 –  6 would be  £26.40, a massive 33% increase. So much for halving inflation!

This idea is bad for London, bad for Sevenoaks rail users, and bad for the rail companies. It will put off some trips to London altogether, and push others into cars. Please reply to the consultation at https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/travelcards and say so.

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