1066 Electrics and All That

Looking back through my papers recently I came across a British Rail advertising leaflet promoting the introduction of electric train services on the Hastings line. On Sunday 27 April 1986, a special gala day was held on the Tonbridge / Hastings line celebrating the introduction of the “1066 Electrics”.

Only 50p to travel all day between Tonbridge and Hastings, a special twenty-minute frequency shuttle service was in operation from 09.00 to 18.00 hours calling at all stations. At various stations along the line there were attractions and events to attend, especially in Hastings. One for example, from Etchingham station a free vintage bus service operated to Bodiam Castle where a special reduced adult admission charge of 90p was available. I travelled on the line whilst this gala event was in operation and the trains were loaded to capacity!

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