Maidstone East Fast Service: will DfT’s alternative be good enough?

The Department for Transport will shortly propose to local MPs an “alternative” Maidstone East service instead of the through Thameslink service original promised from December 2018. We understand that it will be based on the existing Southeastern peak service that runs about hourly to and from Blackfriars.

Any alternative proposal for the Maidstone East line needs to be tested against the benefits offered to the community by the original proposal that is already over two years overdue.

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SRTA comments on Southeastern December 2019 timetable

The SRTA has been reviewing Southeastern’s proposals for changes to the December 2019 timetable.

We welcome the agreement to assist with connections at Swanley for Darenth Valley line users. That’s how a joined-up railway should work.

However, SRTA has a significant concern with one of the proposed timetable changes. This concerns the change to the stopping services, 1726 from Charing Cross and 1739 from Cannon Street. It appears to us that the proposal totally ignores the interests of the large number of passengers who travel from Cannon Street to Chelsfield and beyond.

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