Southeastern tickets now refundable online

I used Southeastern’s Website to buy some tickets recently and a problem occurred, the site locked, when it resumed working, I did not notice that one ticket I required had been duplicated before I paid for the tickets.

Accordingly, I did not collect the tickets and contacted Southeastern Customer Services to enquire about cancelling the duplicate ticket. I was advised that this can be done online and was directed to the relevant part of the Website.

After you have logged in, (1) you need to click the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen and then (2) you need to click the “Manage my tickets / refunds” item. That takes you to a page that lists all the tickets you have bought and, if they are refundable, allows you to progress a refund.

It works very well and permitted me to cancel the ticket that I did not require, and shortly afterwards I received an e-mail confirming the cancellation and that a refund would be made.

I was not previously aware that tickets purchased online could be cancelled easily after payment had been made but before the tickets were collected. Well done, Southeastern!

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