Advance tickets: it sometimes pays to wait

I wanted to buy some tickets to travel to Bristol in March.

When I checked on National Rail Enquiries site for Advance Single tickets on the first day that they should have been available the only ones offered were from Bat & Ball to Bristol changing onto the Bakerloo line at Elephant and Castle. Changing at Elephant and Castle is not very convenient, and is definitely not suitable for anybody with a mobility problem or those travelling with luggage or young children in prams or buggies. Only Anytime Returns were available for travel via Sevenoaks and London Bridge costing £62.45.

Strangely for travel from Sevenoaks only the Anytime Returns fare of £62.45 was offered. There was no mention of cheaper tickets via Elephant and Castle.

I decided to check on a daily basis for Advance Single tickets via Sevenoaks and London Bridge to become available. These did become available five days later; my outward journey cost £15.20 and the return £13.20. A saving of £34.05!


Advance tickets: it sometimes pays to wait — 1 Comment

  1. Something ought to be done to improve the interchange at Elephant & Castle. The planned Lewisham extension of the Bakerloo line envisages improved interchange between the Bakerloo and Northern lines, but not interchange with National Rail. Why?

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