New “Please offer me a seat” badge trials on Transport for London services

please-offer-me-a-badge_rdax_400x250Transport for London are trialling a “Please offer me a seat” badge, similar to their “Baby on Board” system. The idea is to encourage (“nudge”) other passengers to give up their seat to those less able to stand – including those with ‘hidden’ conditions – without having to explain. Customers also get a card with the same message. It’s not just about access to priority seats.


southeastern-priority-seat-logo Southeastern have an existing system of Priority Seating Cards open to anyone who is elderly (“over 65”), pregnant, travelling with children under three, or has a disability. The idea is that you can show the card to get one of the “Priority Seats”. It’s not intended to apply to other seats, but of course if you have a problem standing then a courtesy fellow traveller may offer their seat anyway if you show the card. However if you have a Standard Class ticket it doesn’t entitle you to sit in a First Class seat, even if it is empty. And there’s no badge.

Thameslink have a similar system to that on Southeastern.

What do you think about these two systems? Do they work, and are people comfortable using them? Please let us know your experiences.


New “Please offer me a seat” badge trials on Transport for London services — 1 Comment

  1. I do not think that the badges are a good idea. They will be too easy to produce at home and I expect that many counterfeit ones will soon be in circulation. The Southern, Gatwick Express, Great Northern and Southeastern Priority Seat Card with the holders photograph shown on it is a much better system and it is less easy to produce counterfeit ones.

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