Fires on Southeastern: Statement from Rail Accident Investigation Branch

Credit: @VAbols

Credit: @VAbols

There have been two fires involving Southeastern trains in the last two weeks: at Charing Cross on 23 November and at Denmark Hill on 3 December. No-one was hurt, but it is nevertheless worrying. We’ve asked the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) whether they are investigating.

They have told us:

The incident on 23 November was deemed not reportable as it was a relatively minor infrastructure fire emanating from the track, subsequently discovered to be an insulating pot which had exploded and not an issue associated with the train.

With regard to the second issue, we are making enquiries about a fire which is reported to have affected a train approaching, and at, Denmark Hill station on the evening of Wednesday 3 December 2014.  These enquiries will determine the extent of any further RAIB action.

It’s good to hear that the RAIB are already aware of these incidents. The further detail of the Charing Cross fire – to do with the track rather than the train – give some reassurance that the two fires were probably not linked but just a co-incidence.

Southeastern have also put a statement on their website.


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