Fond memories of 1962 Fares

Steam Train with Snow Plough

January being the month in which fares are increased an elderly friend of mine who used to work on the railway as a booking clerk thought people might be interested in the following fares from Sevenoaks in 1962: –

London Bridge2nd: 5/3d (26p)
1st: 7/11d (39½p)
2nd: 7/8d (38½p)
1st: 11/6d (57½p)
Charing Cross 2nd: 5/9d (28½p)
1st: 8/8d (43½p)
2nd: 8/6d (42½p)
1st: 12/9d (63½p)

Incidentally the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, was born on 1 April 1962. So the fare from Sevenoaks to London Bridge has risen by 4,861% since he was born!

Picture Credit: Peter Brock Archive

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