Southeastern Super Saturday: One ticket, five trains, four pubs

Saturday 6 October was “Southeastern Super Saturday” – an offer to travel anywhere on Southeastern as much as you want for £20.00.

I bought a “Southeastern Super Saturday” ticket plus a return from Otford to Sevenoaks to fill in this gap in the Southeastern network. I commenced my journey from Bat & Ball on the 07.51 to Sevenoaks which departed and arrived one minute late due to the driver reopening the doors for a late arrival. A teenage girl who boarded the train and then immediately got off and did not travel! I continued my travels on the 08.13 departure to Ashford International where it arrived on time.

From Ashford International I travelled to St Pancras International on the 09.16 service. Even though it was a Saturday this train was full and standing when it departed. After a one-minute early arrival at St Pancras International I discovered that my “Southeastern Super Saturday” ticket would not open the platform gates. It did not open any station gates that I encountered on my travels today. If all these special tickets did not open the gates at stations I expect the barrier staff were not very happy about this. I needed refreshment; therefore, I investigated the new Wetherspoons, “The Barrel Vault”, which opened in the St Pancras station complex earlier this week, conveniently located close to the escalators to/from the Southeastern platforms. In the interests of consumer research, a pint of Derventio Brewery’s Barbarian Stout was sampled.

I continued my journey on the 10.22 departure from St Pancras International to Faversham where it arrived on time. Other passengers on this train had paid £26.70 for a day return to Margate, they were not aware of the special fare on offer today! Further refreshment was required so a glass of lunch was taken in the two micro pubs in Preston Street, “Furlongs” and “The Corner Tap”.

I departed Faversham on the 13.10 service to Dover Priory via Canterbury East. An on-time arrival, then further consumer research was undertaken visiting “The Lanes” micro pub. Whilst in Dover the weather deteriorated and the dampness that had been in the air all day became continuous rain.

Due to the weather I decided to stop my travels around the Southeastern network and head for home. I left Dover on the 14.49 to Ashford International where it arrived two minutes late. I changed on to the 15.33 service to Otford via Maidstone East. After arriving at Otford on time I waited for the 16.48 to Bat & Ball which was also on time. I travelled approximately one hundred and ninety miles today.

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