Senior Railcard Moments April 2018

Our Bat & Ball correspondent, Keith Alderman, has now retired. However he’s making good use of his Senior Railcard!

Delay Repay Claims; total 1 January 2018 to 30 April 2018 inclusive = £26.80
(Southeastern £19.80, Thameslink £7.00)

This month’s delays (three days travel), total 23 minutes, Southeastern 11, Thameslink 12.

Wednesday 18 April – My destination is Liverpool today. I commenced my journey on the 07.10 from Bat & Ball at 07.11, arrival at Sevenoaks was on time. I travelled on the 07.23 to London Bridge which was on time. I crossed London on the Northern Line to Euston. Here I boarded the 09.07 to Liverpool, a Pendolino train called “Virgin Warrior”. Arrival in Liverpool was a couple of minutes late at 11.21. I returned from Liverpool at 15.47. London was reached on time, Southeastern were one minute late arriving at Sevenoaks but I arrived at Bat & Ball on time at 19.33.

Thursday 19 April – A short journey to Orpington today. I checked that my intended train services were running to time about thirty minutes before I left home. By the time I arrived at Bat & Ball the 17.10 service to Sevenoaks was expected at 17.20. Arrival was ten minutes late at 17.23. The 17.33 to Orpington was on time. I rarely use Orpington station therefore when I exited the station through the main entrance/exit I asked a member of staff what time the entrance on the other side of the station closed, because I thought that in the past it closed quite early. The response was surprising, “I don’t know what time it closes, it should be open quite late”!

Thursday 26 April – A day trip to London today to carry out a few tasks and then to meet up with some of my former work colleagues work for a meal and a few beers. Armed with an off-peak Day Travelcard, I commenced my journey on the 11.03 from Bat & Ball to City Thameslink were arrival was on time. After visiting a place in Farringdon, I travelled by bus to Holborn. After using a bank in High Holborn, I took the Central Line to Bond Street where I intended to change on to the Jubilee Line to Baker Street. However, the Jubilee Line was at a standstill due to a power failure. Accordingly, I travelled back to Oxford Circus and changed to the Bakerloo Line to complete my journey. Later I travelled on the Circle Line to Liverpool Street changing there on to a bus to complete my journey in to the City. My journey home commenced with bus ride to London Bridge where I intended to travel to Sevenoaks on the 19.09 Hastings service. This train was subject to a last-minute platform alteration and eventually arrived at Sevenoaks ten minutes late at 19.42. The 19.45 from Sevenoaks departed a few seconds early and arrived at Bat & Ball on time.

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