Southeastern to re-introduce “Tavern Cars”

Southeastern plan to re-introduce “Tavern Cars” on their services, if they win the new South East Franchise from April 2019.

First introduced by the nationalised British Railways on services from Waterloo in 1949, the Tavern Cars aimed to create a country pub atmosphere for homeward-bound passengers.

Southeastern said that this initiative builds on their years of success in providing a relaxing, stress-free experience for commuters.

As can be seen from the photograph, the Tavern Cars also conform with the DfT’s policy of creating more “capacity” by removing seats so there is more space for passengers to stand.

The flagship service will be the “Thirst Class Express” from Charing Cross to Hastings. This will feature Ruddles beer.

However Hastings rail users are already complaining. One regular passenger said “The journey is far too short: the short-sighted policy of eliminating stops at Orpington and Sevenoaks from 2022 means that there’s not enough time to really enjoy a second pint.”

Southeastern also plan to introduce a specially themed beer drawing on the experience of New York commuters.  A spokesman said “Whatever the Long Island Rail Road can do, we can do better.”

Other beers stocked will include:



Southeastern to re-introduce “Tavern Cars” — 10 Comments

  1. Southeastern have really entered into the spirit of things today by adding ‘SloeMotion’ Gin to their proposed Tavern Car bill of fares.

    Anyone who bought a ‘Ticket for Tomorrow’ on Saturday night to catch a Hastings – Charing Cross fast train at Sevenoaks this Sunday will be presented with a free bottle to welcome them on board, but the offer expires at noon.

  2. Will they stock ales from the Bat & Ball Station microbrewery (planned for the Luggage Room) when it’s up and running?

  3. Nice one !! You nearly had me going off on one at Southeastern there, especially the third paragraph.

  4. I also hear they will be running trains on time, with working toilets and seats for all. Amazing.

  5. @Gill – just for my sanity I need to know if that’s for real or part of the gag ?!

  6. I would suggest that the following beers should be considered for serving in the proposed Tavern Cars: –
    Ascot Brewing – On The Rails
    Box Steam Brewery – Ghost Train, Chuffin Ale and Tunnel Vision
    Humpty Dumpty Brewery – ‘Op On Train, Leaves On The Line, Railway Sleeper and Spark Arrester
    Indian (Ex Tunnel Brewery) – Light At The End Of The Tunnel
    Settle Brewery – Signal Main Line and Whet Your Whistle
    Westerham Brewery – Westerham Flyer

  7. @Nick Goodwin – not quite sure myself. At the recent gathering at Bat & Ball Station, the Town Clerk mentioned the successful pop-up brewery at the Old Fire Station (probably Tonbridge unless there’s another one) . . . might happen . . .

  8. Quite clearly an April Fool – we all know that Southeastern couldn’t organise the proverbial P***** in a brewery nevermind one on their trains.

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