Here’s a first-class tip for Thameslink services

As most readers will know very few Thameslink service on the Sevenoaks route are due to have first accommodation. So standard class ticket holders may occupy the first-class areas on the class 700 trains.

I have discovered that it would appears that the first-class accommodation on other Thameslink routes using the new class 700 trains has been provided in excess of requirements. Only the first-class area at the front of the trains is being used for first class ticket holders. When the first-class area at the rear of the trains can be used by standard class ticket holders this can be identified by the platform information screens showing “first class is available at the front of this train”.

Occupying the first-class areas is the only way to have a comfortable journey on a class 700 train!


Here’s a first-class tip for Thameslink services — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like the Maidstone Thameslink service is delayed until December 2019. Be good to understand if we’ll get anything via London Bridge terminating at blackfriars before then. Currently lots of folk in Otford go via Sevenoaks and they’ll be less trains making that journey in the peaks. I’m worried travelling to the City becomes harder not easier than at present. Questions need to be asked about prioritising starting a very slow Medway towns service.

  2. @will

    Yes, we have now had a letter from Thameslink confirming. There will be no trains on the Otford line going via London Bridge. Thameslink claim that the existing peak hour only fast services to Blackfriars will continue, but that depends on the new Southeastern franchise.

    There’s a piece on our website at

  3. Had the privilege this afternoon of a walking tour of LB station, led by a rep from the Thameslink Programme.

    I asked him about the Sevenoaks service and he confirmed also that no trains will run to/through LB. Luton via BF is what he said. That’s something to look forward to, eh ?

  4. @Nick As we understand it the Sevenoaks slow trains via Swanley will continue to run via Elephant & Castle to Blackfriars as now, not via London Bridge. When (if?) the Maidstone East and Otford fast trains start in December 2019 they are due to be routed via Swanley, Chislehurst, Hither Green, stopping at London Bridge and then Blackfriars.

    Generally the London Bridge rebuilding gives very little benefit to Sevenoaks area travellers in return for the years of disruption it has caused. The ‘Thameslink Programme’ is directly responsible for the loss of one of the morning peak hour trains to Cannon Street.

  5. Oh I don’t know, there is a Hamleys and a Cath Kidston now, what more do you want ?

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