Sevenoaks Bus Services: Changes from Sunday 6 April


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Arriva and Go-Coach are changing some of their services in the Sevenoaks area from Sunday 6 April.

The 431, 432 and the 452 services will be replaced by a new 452 service:

  • in the morning peak this will run as now, from Ryewood in Dunton Green via Chipstead to Sevenoaks Railway Station and Sevenoaks Bus Station.
  • during the day this will run from Ryewood in Dunton Green via Bullfinch Lane and Witches Lane (but still not via Chipstead) to Sevenoaks Railway Station and Sevenoaks Bus Station, and then on via St Johns Hill, Seal, Kemsing to Noah’s Ark.  The service will be half-hourly in each direction.  The new service will not serve Otford and Shoreham – see below.
  • in the evening peak this run as now, from Sevenoaks Bus Station, Sevenoaks Railway Station, via Chipstead to Ryewood in Dunton Green.  There will be an extra service at 1725 from Sevenoaks Bus Station (1730 from Sevenoaks Railway Station), and the current 1740 from Sevenoaks Bus Station will run five minutes later (leaving the Bus Station at 1745 and the Railway Station at 1749).

Otford and Shoreham will be served during the day on Monday to Saturdays by:

  • a revised 421 service from Sevenoaks Bus Station via Sevenoaks Railway Station to St Johns Hill and Bat & Ball.  This will then go via Otford Pond, Telston Lane and Filston Lane to Shoreham Railway Station.
  • a 403 service from Tunbridge Wells via Sevenoaks Bus Station and then Otford Railway Station, Shoreham Railway Station, Eynsford to Bluewater.

On the 401 Monday to Saturday services are unchanged but there are small changes to timings on Sundays – most buses from Westerham to Sevenoaks will run 5 minutes earlier than at present.  This will be all year round, and it will allow the bus to call at Knole during the summer.  The final bus of the day (1834 from Westerham) will be unchanged.

Thanks to Arriva and Go-Coach for letting us see the timetables in advance.  Arriva’s summary post on the changes is here.

Note: A lot of people visit this page.  If the information that you were seeking is not here, please tell us in the comment box below what you would like to see.


Sevenoaks Bus Services: Changes from Sunday 6 April — 9 Comments

  1. Hi i am just double checking that there is a 421 at 8.04am on a Saturday morning at Telston Lane in Otford Sevenoaks. I need to book a National Express coach at the bus station in Sevenoaks which will leave approx 10am so will need to get there in plenty of time. Is the 421 reliable for that time on a Saturday morning? Many thanks kind regards Mrs J Mackenzie

  2. @joan The 421 bus is run by Go-Coach. The timetable is online at There does appear to be a bus from Telston Lane at 0804 on Saturdays. Generally Go-Coach services are reliable, although sometimes a few minutes later or earlier. You could telephone their office on Saturday to check that the bus is running on time – 01732 469800 – they are usually very helpful.

  3. Thank you very much, that was very helpful, kind regards Joan Mackenzie

  4. Hi i am just double checking that the National Express coach does stop at Sevenoaks bus station. I have booked a couch from there at 10am on Saturday 19th August.A friend worried me and said she didnt think National express stopped in Sevenoaks. Also, if it does stop in Sevenoaks, i’m a bit confused if it stops at the bus station or whether it stops near the train station. I dont know the area very well and coming back from my journey there is no bus in the evening to get me to Otford. I understand if the bus station is a bit of a walk with my case to the train station to Otford then i will have to get a taxi from the bus station. Please could you help a confused 62 year old woman, who lives on her own( husband died 2 months ago) and doesn’t drive You were very helpful before about Go-Coach bus. Its just a friend put doubts in my head. Kind regards Joan Mackenzie

  5. @Joan It would be best if you double-checked with National Express.

    There are only occasional National Express coaches through Sevenoaks, but the “Sevenoaks” stop seems to be at the bus stops outside the railway station – see

    The National Express website is showing a coach from this stop towards London Victoria Coach Station at 1000 on Saturday 19 August. (On weekdays it is at 0955.)

    Again it would be best if you double-checked with National Express in case there have been changes.

  6. Heard from Go driver that the 452 Soaks to Noahs Ark Kemsing ia being withdrawn leaving only the new 2 service with 13 seat mini buses operated by Arriva if that is the case the morning departure from Kemsing will not be sufficient for the amount of school children

  7. Hi can you tell me if there is a bus from Sevenoaks to Bromley any more.

  8. @Ellen No there is no direct bus from Sevenoaks to Bromley. You could catch the (two-hourly, Mondays to Fridays) 431 to Orpington, and then get a bus to Bromley from there; or catch the (hourly) 401 to Westerham and then the 246 to Bromley North from there. There are trains every 30 minutes from Sevenoaks to Bromley via Swanley (platform 4) or you could catch a train to Orpington (platforms 1/2) and change to the Victoria trains there.

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