Four months on, still no progress on Bat & Ball footbridge lights

It’s now over four months since I first reported, on 20 September, that two lights on the Bat & Ball footbridge were not working. I would have expected that repair of faulty lights on a footbridge should have a high priority because of the passenger safety implications.

I’ve now had this response from Southeastern:

I’ve spoken with our Station Manager at Bat & Ball and he assures me that this is being chased up with our contractors. Because the lights are over the footbridge, they will need to be repaired out of hours, but I assure you that we’re looking to now get this resolved as quickly as possible.

It’s not good enough for Southeastern just to blame this on their sub-contractors. Southeastern choose their sub-contractors and Southeastern are responsible for the upkeep of the stations. They need actively manage their sub-contractors to do the work that they’re being paid to do.


Four months on, still no progress on Bat & Ball footbridge lights — 1 Comment

  1. Look at how long they are taking to resolve the flooding issues at Tonbridge station car park. Just illustrates basics are not followed through

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