A Buck is Passed

On 20 September 2019, I advised Southeastern that there were two lights on the footbridge at Bat & Ball station that were not working. On Friday 8 November 2019, they were still not working, and I contacted Southeastern again. I received a telephone call from Southeastern Customer Services in which they suggested that I should contact Network Rail and advise them of the problem with the footbridge lights at Bat & Ball station. I thought that Southeastern were responsible for Bat & Ball station.

However, I did contact Network Rail and as I expected they confirmed that it was Southeastern who should deal with this problem. I will monitor for progress; as at 29 November 2019 they were still not working.

NB: Although no Southeastern trains now stop at Bat & Ball, Southeastern are still responsible for the maintenance of the station – and of all the other stations on the Darenth Valley line.

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