New Sevenoaks Commuter minibus starts Monday 12 March

Arriva are starting a new commuter minibus service for Dunton Green, Chipstead, Bessels Green and Riverhead on Monday 12 March. This is a welcome reinstatement of the parts of the 452 service axed last year and largely recreates the earlier, popular, S2 service.

The “1” minibus will run in the morning commuter period from Ryewood at 0628, 0648, 0708 and 0741 via Tesco, Witches Lane, Bessels Green, Chipstead Square, Chipstead Lane, Bullfinch Lane, Riverhead shops and on to Sevenoaks Railway Station and Bus Station.

The full timetable is online and the key stops are:

Ryewood 0628 0648 0708 0741 0824*
Tesco 0630 0650 0710 0744 0827*
Bessels Green Kings Head 0633 0653 0713 0747 0830*
Chipstead Square 0636 0656 0716 0750 0833
Chipstead Lane 0638 0658 0718 0752 0835
The Riverhead 0640 0700 0720 0754 0837
Railway Station 0644 0704 0724 0758 0841
Bus Station 0648 0708 0728 0804 0847

* School Holidays only

There’s a late afternoon/evening return service leaving the Railway Station at 1609, 1634,  1705, 1725, 1745, 1805. 1825, 1845, 1905, 1925 and 1945. (These leave from the Bus Station 4-5 minutes before that). The minibus runs via Riverhead, Bullfinch Lane, Bessels Green, Chipstead Square, Chipstead Lane, Tesco and finally Ryewood.

During the day the “1” minibus will run on the existing 402 route between Ryewood and Sevenoaks Bus Station direct via Riverhead (not via Witches Lane or Chipstead).  The 402 service to Tunbridge Wells will start at Sevenoaks Bus Station.

The existing Arriva 452 route between Kemsing and Sevenoaks via Seal will also become the “2” minibus, with commuters services from Kemsing at 0648 and 0758, and late afternoon/evening services from the Railway station at 1650, 1800 and 1910. The full timetable is online.

There’s a map of the new services here.


New Sevenoaks Commuter minibus starts Monday 12 March — 8 Comments

  1. Yes welcome news indeed at a time when Kent County Council was threatening to drastically cut back local bus services.

  2. @Alan Very welcome. The S2 was originally subsidised by Sevenoaks District Council, but once it built up regular customers Arriva were able to run it on a commercial basis. Sadly since there’s be a 12 month gap in services Arriva will now need to win back customers again, but the sky-high parking charges at Sevenoaks station will help

  3. Fantastic that there is at last a positive change to bus services in the area, but there is always a flip side, and Arriva have removed the 18.39 452 (now 2) service so there is now no service from the station to Seal and Kemsing between 18.04 and 19.09. Once again we are stranded at the time when most people are trying to get home.

  4. @Cheryl Sorry we’d missed the hidden cut. We have been pressing Arriva for better commuter coverage of the north-east Sevenoaks area more generally, including Quakers Hall Lane and Seal Hollow Road. We’ll maintain the pressure.

  5. Thanks for your quick follow up. That bus was a godsend when it was introduced a couple of years ago as the difference between getting home at 7.30 or 8.00 is very welcome after a long day. I have raised the issue with local councillor Roger Gough who says he will talk to Arriva directly about current and future service plans.

  6. Not great for those living north of Rye Lane, in Dunton Green. No buses serve us now, and catching the bus to Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells is no longer an option, what with the added wait for a 402 at Sevenoaks bus station, and the extra fare involved.

    I shall be driving a whole lot more now.

  7. @paul Not seen anything on fares – probably similar to local 402 fares, may be flat-rate £2. We’ll find out tomorrow morning.

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