Would you want to wait here?

Dunton Green Shelter 7 Jan 2015

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Two months ago Association supporter Paul Malyon first reported that the lights in the passenger shelter on the Dunton Green London-side platform were not working. Passengers have to take cover from the rain in a dark, gloomy, shelter, lit only by the platform lights.

Since then he has regularly reminded Southeastern. So have we.  Alas two months on, they are still not working.

Would you want to shelter here? With all the focus on London Bridge, we consider that it’s important for Southeastern not to forget about the day job.


Would you want to wait here? — 4 Comments

  1. If in its infinite wisdom Kent County Council hadn’t stuck its oar in, Dunton Green would have been given a makeover and be staffed by TfL at all times that trains were stopping there.

    With a staffed station it’s likely that lighting and any other problems would be reported and cleared much more quickly.

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