Fares: FAQs

What is the first train from Sevenoaks to London (Monday to Friday) on which off-peak tickets are valid?

The 09:29 to London Charing Cross.

Can I use a National Rail ‘London Terminals’ paper ticket to exit / enter Waterloo East via the automatic gates at Southwark Underground station?

No longer.  TfL have unilaterally, and without any publicity, withdrawn this long-standing facility.  To exit via Southwark Underground station you need to use a Pay As You Go Oystercard or a contactless payment card at the TfL barriers.  If you exit Southwark station within 10 minutes you will not be charged.  Alternatively you can buy a Southwark platform ticket for 20p.

SRTA is pressing Southeastern Railway and TfL to restore the long-standing concession for rail tickets.

To which stations are Southeastern ‘London Terminals’ tickets valid?

City Thameslink [CTK], London Blackfriars [BFR], London Bridge [LBG], London Cannon Street [CST], London Charing Cross [CHX], London Waterloo [WAT], London Waterloo East [WAE], London Victoria [VIC], Vauxhall [VXH]

‘London Terminals’ tickets are not valid for Farringdon or St Pancras.  You need to buy a special ticket for these stations; the rail-only ticket is cheaper than the “Sevenoaks to Underground Zone 1” ticket.

Can I travel in First Class if I have a Standard Class ticket but find that no Standard Class seats are available?

Only with the prior permission of the Conductor, or if First Class has been declassified.

If I am travelling to the North or West of Great Britain on a specific train from London, and my local train to London is delayed, do I have to buy a new ticket?

In theory, no.  The National Conditions of Carriage Clause 12 says:

If you purchase an Advance ticket, you must use that ticket in the train specified when you book your ticket. However, if you miss this service because a previous connecting train service was delayed you will be able to travel on the next service provided by the Train Company with whom you were booked to travel without penalty.

That’s the theory.  However the rail companies have not been forthcoming about how this procedure works – it seems to depend on the goodwill of the barrier staff and the conductors on the second train.  And it may only apply if the ticket is an end-to-end one, say from Sevenoaks to Edinburgh, and not if you have separate tickets from Sevenoaks to London and then London to Edinburgh (which might have given a cheaper overall fare if there is a company-specific offer).   If you have any experience of this one way or the other, please let us know using the comment box below.


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