What people say about us

This is a collection of recent unsolicited testimonials by members and supporters of the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association:-

“You do an excellent job on behalf of everyone who uses Sevenoaks station.” – supporter

“Thanks for your past efforts on our behalf” – retiring member

“May I congratulate you on the excellent service you provided in regular updates on the storm situation for the benefit of travellers on Monday morning … your ability to get useful information out was truly impressive, particularly knowing the usual lack of information available from the train companies.” – member

“The updates you provided this morning have been excellent. Many thanks indeed. A great service.” – member

“I’m one of the (presumably many) silent freeriders who appreciate your work on our behalf.” – member

“Thanks and keep up the good work!” – member moving out of the Sevenoaks area

“I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for all you do to help improve the service.  It is a thankless task.” – member

“Well done for your work.” – retiring member

“I wish you well with all the good work you have done for the rail commuting people of Sevenoaks.” – retiring member

“We think you do a great job as a pressure group and information service. ” – supporter

“Well done on all you do – much appreciated” – member

“I think you all do a great job.  I hope your membership base continues to allow you to push forward the agenda that you have set out.” – retiring member

“Thanks for the excellent work your organisation does and all the best for the difficult 3 years ahead of us. ” – life member, January 2015

“I have really appreciated your blog, tweets and action on our behalf so far.” – 2 year member, January 2015




If you would like to join the Association you would be very welcome: you can apply online here.


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  1. Just wanted to repeat what others have said – this site contains very useful information which I have only just found. Keep up the good work. You also seem to be voicing all the same opinions I myself have had about the service and facilities. Well done.

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