SRTA Response to 3 December Fare Changes

On 3 December South Eastern Trains introduced restrictions on use of off-peak fares from Sevenoaks and other stations that increase costs for many rail travellers. This was brought in “overnight” with minimal consultation and no public communication. The changes to fares must be suspended until DfT, the train operators and TfL are ready to deliver a system which includes benefits as well as costs for most users.

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Department for Transport’s plans to withdraw WiFi on trains are a backward step

The Department for Transport have apparently told the train operators that they should cease offering wifi if they “cannot justify it financially”.
This is a backward step. As the Chief Executive of Transport Focus has said: “Access to wifi is something many passengers now expect as standard. It helps people use their travel time productively and is something which could encourage more people to use rail over other modes.”

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Agenda for Annual General Meeting 8 December 2022 at 7.30pm



Thursday 8 December 2022 at 7.30pm

To be held over Zoom

Chairman: Mr Tony Clayton


  1. Chairman’s Introduction
  2. Discussion of current issues

                 (a) Timetable from 11 December 2022
                 (b) Closure of Ticket Offices
                 (c) fast Maidstone East to London service

  1. Formal business

                 (a) Approval of minutes of 2021 Annual General Meeting 
                 (b) Approval of Annual Report 2021-22 
                 (c) Approval of Accounts to 31 December 2021 
                 (d) Election of Chairman
                 (e) Election of Officers and Committee


Andrew Stott

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Annual General Meeting 8 December 2022

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association will be held by Zoom at 1930 on Thursday 8 December. Please contact the Secretary for the link.

The main item for discussion will be the new timetable to be introduced from 11 December. This has significant changes, including much poorer connections for Dunton Green commuters who change trains at Chelsfield. 

We do hope that you can attend.

Southeastern buying a fleet of new trains

The excellent ianVisits website about London and travel reports that Southeastern have issued a notice to train manufacturers to buy a new fleet of trains, to go into service in late 2027. It seems that these are to replace the aging “Networkers” used for suburban services and also the services to Tunbridge Wells.

Apparently the specification calls for both toilets and air conditioning – although it’s not clear whether the new trains will have proper seats or just the “covered boards” that were used for the new Thameslink trains.