81% of Chronicle readers back SRTA on Boris takeover

81 pc back SRTAIn an online poll of the readers of the Sevenoaks Chronicle, 81% have backed the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association in supporting the London Mayor’s proposals to take over the Sevenoaks to London via Dunton Green rail service.

More details about the SRTA’s support of the Mayor’s plans are in our earlier posts here and here.

Source: http://www.sevenoakschronicle.co.uk/news at 0920 on 26 September 2013


81% of Chronicle readers back SRTA on Boris takeover — 1 Comment

  1. Fantastic to see residents supporting this no-brainer to make commuting easier and boost the local economy (oyster = more weekend visitors from London to the shops and restaurants of Sevenoaks).

    I’ve contacted the local Chamber of Commerce to suggest they campaign more actively for this. Combining your work with this could be a nice idea. I’ve also written to Michael Fallon MP (no reply yet).

    I’m not a local resident yet (I’ll be moving to the new Dunton Green development next year) but I’d be happy to support in any way I can to get Oyster extended to Sevenoaks. I simply can’t accept the rip-off of £90 a month extra for a 5 minute journey outside Zone 6.

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