Keith’s Travel Diary June 2014

Delay repay claims total, 1 January to 30 June inclusive, is £34.20

My journeys in June incurred 204 minutes of delay.  The details were as follows: –

Week of 2 June

A total of 31 minutes of lateness; 11 minutes on Tuesday 3 June.  Also on 3 June the 18.00 Sevenoaks to Bat & Ball delayed for 8 minutes waiting for a driver.

Week of 9 June

Another 53 minutes of delay.  The journey home from London on Tuesday 10 June contributed 30 minutes to this total by missing my connecting service to Bat & Ball.  Then on Thursday 12 June the 17.24 from Cannon Street was cancelled due to signal and track circuit failures between London Bridge and Cannon Street – net half hour delay.

Week of 16 June

The worst week of the month: 66 minutes of delays to my journeys; 18 of these minutes were on my journey from Sevenoaks to Bat & Ball on Wednesday, and on Friday another 30 minutes by missing my connecting service to Bat & Ball.

Additionally on Tuesday 17 June 2014 the 18.00 Sevenoaks to Bat & Ball had only four coaches rather than the usual eight.  Then on Wednesday 18 June the 18.00 departure from Sevenoaks delayed by 14 minutes waiting for a member of staff.

Week of 23 June

A further 28 minutes of delay; 9 of these on Tuesday morning on my way to work.

Week of 30 June

The week contributed another 26 minutes of lateness; 10 minutes on Monday again on my way to work in the morning.


The 07.10 departure from Bat & Ball to Sevenoaks is late on most days; this would appear to be due to a preceding empty stock working running late and delaying this train.

The travel diary for May is here.

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