Keith’s Travel Diary: March 2014

Keith is an SRTA member and regular commuter from Bat & Ball to London via Sevenoaks.

In four weeks’ commuting in March the total delays added up to 123 minutes – an average of 6 minutes a day, and over two hours in total.

3-7 March.  Total lateness 29 minutes

The worst delay was 8 minutes on my journey home from London on Friday. One train I intended catching this week was cancelled,.  On one day my train to London did not have any first class accommodation in one of the two four coach units that made up the train: shame!

10-14 March.  Total lateness: 45 minutes

13 minutes late at Sevenoaks from Bat & Ball on Friday morning taking the wooden spoon. On Tuesday my train from Cannon Street in the evening was only 11 coaches rather than 12.

17-21 March. Total lateness: 35 minutes

6 minutes late at Sevenoaks from Bat & Ball on Friday morning being the worst.

24-28 March.  Total lateness: 14 minutes

The best week! – only 14 minutes of lateness, the journey home from London to Sevenoaks on Wednesday being the worst, 4 minutes late. No “Delay Repay” claims submitted for this period!

General points

Southeastern are often criticised for the poor provision of information but in the last couple of weeks frequent unnecessary on train announcements are becoming annoying. Regular commuters do not need to be told where the toilets are located on the train; or where you can travel to if you leave the train at London Bridge, or remain on it until its ultimate destination!

Now that Spring has arrived it was noticeable this week that rather than the odd couple of Revenue Protection Officers checking tickets at Bat & Ball Station this week about four Southeastern staff were also enjoying the sun and mild temperatures whilst waiting for the next train to arrive. It is a pity they did not spend the time between trains picking up the litter between the up platform and the Community Centre!

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