Station Improvement funding for Bat & Ball and Sevenoaks

Govia Thameslink Rail have extended the timetable for suggestions on how to spend their fine for last year’s timetable meltdown. They are seeking views by 31 August.

Their team will be at our local stations in the next few days. They will be at:

  • Sevenoaks:   Tuesday 20th August, 4pm to 7pm, to ask how to spend  £30,000
  • Bat & Ball: Wednesday 21st August, 7 am to 11 am to ask how to
    spend  £80,000

Based on earlier feedback from members and supporters we have already suggested :

At Sevenoaks:

  • £5,000 on better live running train and bus information
  • £25,000 to £30,000 on more shelters at the Tonbridge end of the London-bound

At Bat & Ball:

  • £25,000 on a new ticket machine for the London bound platform
  • £20,000 on refurbishing the existing platform shelter on the London platform (and to house the new ticket machine!)
  • £30,000 on shelters towards the London end of the platform
  • £5,000 on better live running train and bus information
  • a further look at ramps or humps to create step
    free access from platform to train.

Please tell GTR that’s what you’d like, or whether you think other things
are more important. The decision is down to you.

If you cannot get to the station meetings, you have until 31st August to vote. The GTR website wrongly says that the consultation is closed (it remains open for Darenth Valley line stations), so you can instead:

  • email your ideas to Please copy your email to so that we know what you have suggested and can continue to lobby on your behalf
  • add your idea as a comment below. We will then submit it to GTR, and lobby for it on your behalf.

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