Three months in the dark at Dunton Green

paulmalyonHere’s SRTA supporter Paul Malyon, who travels from Dunton Green. He’s in the unlit main passenger shelter there.

It was on 17 November that Paul first told Southeastern that the lights were not working in the main shelter at Dunton Green. We’re previously written about this here. Three months on, the problem has still not been fixed.

Although we have been working with Paul throughout to try and get some action from Southeastern, we are told that it was not until around 20 January that an “engineer” actually went to look at the problem. The engineer apparently reported that a replacement motor was needed and needed to await the part. A further four weeks on we are still waiting.

We have been told that Southeastern do not undertake station maintenance themselves but have contracted it out to a company called NG Bailey. Indeed, according to that company’s website they are “a trusted partner of … leading [sic] Train Operating Companies, such as … Southeastern” and they “use our specialist expertise in station maintenance to optimise the full value of rail for passengers, the wider community and the country itself”. Moreover the firm has recently won the Network Rail “Supplier of the Year” award, which will tell rail passengers how good they are. We will all be reassured to know that they have won a contract to provide fire safety and security systems at London Bridge.

We are wondering why a specialist stations maintenance company cannot do a relatively simple job like fixing the Dunton Green shelter lights in three months. After all, their Twitter site says that they have “a deserved reputation for excellence”.

We are also wondering why Southeastern cannot effectively manage their contract with the company to get them to do the job that our fares are paying them to do.

We’ve asked both  Southeastern and NG Bailey for comment on this article, but they have failed to respond.

Meanwhile, here is the sequence of Paul’s regular reminders to Southeastern:

18 Nov 2014 0710

20 Nov 2014 1002

24 Nov 2014 1057

05 Dec 2014 1707

05 Dec 2014 1709

05 Dec 2014 1712

12 Dec 2014 0750

16 Dec 2014 1138

22 Dec 2014 1505

06 Jan 2015 1121

12 Jan 2015 1538

13 Jan 2015 1830

13 Jan 2015 1902

14 Jan 2015 0652

16 Jan 2015 0743

16 Jan 2015 0818

16 Jan 2015 0819

20 Jan 2015 1751

20 Jan 2015 1738

21 Jan 2015 1105

05 Feb 2015 1032

09 Feb 2015 1133

Archived version of the website pages linked in this article are here, herehere and here.


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  1. Apparently the part is being delivered and fitted this Wednesday (4th March).

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