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How can I call Southeastern without paying expensive surcharges?

Call Tonbridge (01732) 378 751.

How can I call National Rail Enquiries without paying expensive surcharges?

Call  (0121) 634 2040 and press 1 twice when connected.

How can I call TfL Travel Enquiries without paying expensive surcharges?

Call 0343 222 1234.


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  1. I bought an oyster card, zapped in at Chelsfield and traveled to Sevenoaks. When I got there, they dont have a machine to tap my oyster out. I then bought a return ticket. What will happen now as i only zapped one way

  2. @shirley

    Sadly Oyster won’t be available at Sevenoaks for some time yet.

    Since you could not tap out your Oyster will probably be charged the maximum fare. However TfL are normally very helpful in cases of genuine mistakes, and since you bought a ticket on arrival at Sevenoaks they may be willing to undo the Oyster charge. It’s best to give them a call and explain. Their contacts are on

    Please let us know how you get on.

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