Oyster-less Sevenoaks passengers miss out on free travel (again) … but can get a free coffee

free-coffee-mondaysA total of £122 worth of free travel on the TfL system is available over four Mondays in October for passengers who use Android Pay and Mastercard on the Oyster/contactless system.

Because we’re still waiting for Oyster to be extended to Sevenoaks, Dunton Green, and the Darenth Valley line stations it won’t cover journeys here – just as we have missed out on previous similar offers.

However a parallel offer gives one free hot drink at Caffè Nero in Sevenoaks High Street on the same days.

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15-minute Delay Compensation … delayed again!

2016-09-14-15-43-12We were excited to hear that Southeastern could be planning to make changes to the Delay Repay scheme from 1 October – perhaps, at last, Delay-Repay compensation that starts after 15 minutes delay rather than 30 minutes?

Apparently not. Southeastern have told us that the changes from 1 October relate to how the existing Delay Repay scheme can be paid: there’s no sign that more generous compensation is coming any time soon.

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