An Unexpected Journey? Class 700s at Bat & Ball

There is currently a problem with the new Class 700 Thameslink trains at Bat & Ball station. Twice in a week train doors that have operated correctly at Sevenoaks have failed to open at Bat & Ball’s platform one.

  • On Wednesday 2 August the 16.24 arrival from Sevenoaks stopped but most of the doors would not open. Fortunately, I quickly moved through the train and found a set of doors that were working.
  • On Saturday 5 August none of the doors would open when this train arrived at Bat & Ball. As the train departed one of the passengers who wanted to detrain at Bat & Ball operated the emergency alarm and stopped the train. The driver eventually opened the rear set of doors and allowed those who wanted to get off do so, and some people to board the train.

The driver told passengers that there problems with Class 700 trains at Bat & Ball station whereby the trains did not identify where they were therefore the doors would not open. This would indicate that there is a problem with the onboard computer receiving GPS transmissions.

I also asked a Thameslink driver I know if he had experienced this problem at Bat & Ball. He laughed and told me that it is a common problem with class 700 trains. Apparently they frequently forget where they are and will not allow the doors to be opened. In addition if left overnight sometimes they will not start up due to not knowing where they are!

I have raised this with Thameslink and they have said that they have raised it with their “main Fleet department” (?) for further investigation.

Will an unexpected journey to Otford qualify for a delay repay claim?


An Unexpected Journey? Class 700s at Bat & Ball — 1 Comment

  1. 2E83 on Thursday 10th August departed Sevenoaks late due to ‘a train fault’ then continued its journey with terribly out of sync announcements. For example,’We will shortly be arriving at Eynsford’ was at Swanley)

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