I’ve got a ticket to Ryde – eventually

I discovered a ticket purchasing problem when I tried to buy an advance single from Waterloo to Ryde Esplanade and the same type of ticket for my return journey.

National Rail Enquiries offered a £20.80 fare each way. However, when I tried to buy the tickets I was directed South West Trains website and this did not acknowledge that these tickets at the quoted fares were available.

I tried to buy these tickets on two different days, two or three attempts were made each time with no success. Accordingly, I selected the tickets I required but declined South West Trains as the seller when this was offered and selected another ticket sales site. This recognised the existence of these advance single tickets at £20.80 each. I purchased them!

However, it does pose the question why does South West Trains not offer the cheapest tickets for journeys on their services and direct potential customers to tickets at up to three times the price.


I’ve got a ticket to Ryde – eventually — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Keith,

    Funnily enough I uncovered a similar problem with the Virgin Trains website yesterday.

    Split Ticketing, as well as VT’s own mobile site, were showing a £16.50 fare whereas it was not possible to find the same fare on their desktop site.

    They’re still investigating.

  2. Does this journey include the ferry crossing from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde? It used to (several years ago) but I’m not sure if this is still a through-fare. Thanks.

  3. I travel to the new forest a couple of times a year and always have to buy split tickets. Cost of through ticket up to 50% more sometimes. Again, south west trains.

  4. @ Martin Woodfine

    Yes, you can take the catamaran to Ryde Pier Head (enter Station Code RYP) then walk or take the tube to Ryde Esplanade (RYD). Alternatively, you can whizz across in 10 minutes on one of the new hovercraft to Ryde Hoverport (XRD).

  5. @ Keith Alderman

    The good news is that Stagecoach’s unlamented South West Trains and its overcharging website will disappear this Sunday when South Western Railway take over ! SWR are promising free wi-fi on trains and stations, charging points and toilets on all mainland trains, 15-minute Delay Repay, London Travel Card area stations staffed 6am to midnight Mon – Sat, flexible season tickets and a smartcard with PAYG.

    However, I hope the ‘on-board infotainment system’ (aka Bombard ’em with Adverts) won’t include loudspeakers.

    The bad news is that we might end up with Stagecoach taking over our South Eastern franchise or, worst of all, we might even have to endure Govia once again…

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